Pepper’s “Gift”

Last night as I at the computer,  Pepper comes through the cat door and start his squalling behind me.   I turn around to say "life's not not bad Pepper" and he is sitting in front of a small bird!  The bird was almost dead and had some injuries.  I have no idea how he got a bird considering he was in the Cat Pavilion and has no teeth!  So I petted Pepper and put the bird outside.  A bit later Pepper started squalling again.  He was looking for the bird.  Not finding it,  he peed all over my tool bag.   I think he was bringing me the bird not as a gift but in order to prepare it for him.  After all I prepare the big birds (chicken and turkey) for the cats.  Least I know he does not have a blockage with that stream……..

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5 Responses to Pepper’s “Gift”

  1. Lauri says:

    Ruh Roh! I guess the moral of the story is don't decline gifts from Pepper! Next time take it gratefully, pretend to prepare it and give him some deli turkey from the frig! 🙂

  2. Lurkertype says:

    You ungrateful hooman! Now you know, you should do what Lauri suggests. He's a smart tuxie boy and he worked REALLY hard to bring that bird in.I hope the bag is washable or at least cheap to replace. Glad you could look on the bright side to at least see that his health's okay!

  3. LOL….."I brings the meat and U cookz it!"

  4. TreeSweater says:

    LOL! You shoulda been firing up the grill, Dad!

  5. Lord Kalvan says:

    Indeed I should have. After all I always tear the chicken and turkey into tiny bits so he can eat it without teeth. Yep I should have followed Lauri's suggestion……

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