Every now and then one reads something in the the paper which brings tears to one's eyes.  The best sushi restaurant in Lexington was Seki.  Or as everyone called it Seki's.  It was ran by Mr. and Mrs Sekikawa.  She was affectionately known as the sushi nazi.  On the phone she was brutal with the reservations.  But in person she was very nice.  When she learned that we lived within walking distance,  she said we should come every night.  He was always very friendly and greeted every guest.

Mr Seki and Marisa's cousin Vanesa:

The sushi:

The restaurant:

In January Mrs Sekikawa died and the restaurant closed.  Two months ago,  Mr. Sekikawa reopened the restaurant and we thought perhaps he was adjusting and able to carry on.

Today I read in the paper that he drove his car to a remote bridge and jumped off.   

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7 Responses to Sadness

  1. Laurie says:

    Oh, how very sad!

  2. That is a very sad story, but at least they are together now. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. brownamazon says:

    Oh, how dreadful :(. The sushi looks amazing. Hopefully there is someone who can carry on in his name?

  4. Dancing Bear says:

    So very sad. How empty and lonely Mr. Seki must have felt to be compelled to do this. Mrs. Seki must have been wonderful or he would not have missed her this much.
    How kind of you to let us know of their sad story because now we all know how fragile life is and how quickly we lose those things that mean so much. It could be a sushi place, a spouse, or just our will to go on. Loss is great.

  5. That is incredibly sad. We never know the depth of someone else's pain, do we? And people handle losses so differently from one another. I know it was difficult for the family to handle his choice but he must have been in deep pain to choose that path. I am so sorry to hear such a sad story!

  6. crankypants says:

    Oh, that is just the saddest thing.

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