Heaven or Hell

Well planted two Habanero plants.  One had barely done anything and the other is producing like gangbusters.  So with about 25 peppers,  I take a bunch to work.  One guy who likes hot food got some.  I find out that he challenged the second guys into eating one.  They didn't know what habaneros were.  Quote "Why won't it stop burning?"

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4 Responses to Heaven or Hell

  1. Dancing Bear says:

    The old Scotch Bonnet. Waaaaay toooo hottttt forrrr meeee. Got milk?

  2. Miguel says:

    Damn birds took out BOTH of our (not-simultaneous) attempts at habaneros this year. Cheese-less pizza ain't the same without habaneros.

  3. Lord Kalvan says:

    That's no fun. I have had rabbits do that too. This year, one plant did well and the other not too good. I am going to attempt to move it inside since habaneros are actually perennials but can't stand the cold.

  4. Porphgyrl says:

    Didn't know what a habanero was? That had to be funny.

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