Sushi Adventures or why I am eating Fritos

Well running around and decided I wanted sushi.  Cheap Sushi.  Yep carry out sushi at a supermarket.   I only eat shashimi or nigiri sushi.  I hate seaweed. First place only had rolls.  So I head over to the co-op to see what they had.  In the co-op is a small independent sushi stand.  They are considered separate from the co-op and I believe are for profit.  The co-op just handles the money.  The had some nigiri.  Cool.  Yellowtail and Salmon.   I pick it up and its not cold!   While at a sushi bar,  you don’t want your sushi cold,  carryout you do!  Maybe it is my imagination.  Nope the thermometer is at 60°F!  The cooler is malfunctioning.

Well the lady who runs it is nowhere to be seen.  I talk to the guy at meat counter (part of the coop) and tell him its at 60°F.  He asks what should it be at!  I tell its raw meat,  what do you think it should be?  Needless to say,  I am eating Fritos and not yellowtail.

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3 Responses to Sushi Adventures or why I am eating Fritos

  1. lurkertype says:

    Ewww. At 60, it’s bait.

  2. lol. Doritos dipped in wasabi-soy sauce I hope! ;D

  3. doranyc says:

    Mmmmm….fritos…something so perfect about their simpleness. I love them on chili.

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