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In case you were missing Muzak

Easy Listening from 1971 Well actually the competition.  Seeburg 1000 format.  And if you want more, go here.   What can be more scary for Halloween?

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Safely Home

Went on a business trip and was not sure if I could make it home.  Thanks to Mariser and almost not Delta I did.. First big issue,  my driver’s license.  It had a bit of de-lamination.  Did not think much … Continue reading

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How do you stab yourself in Chinese?

Well out of town on business and looking for a place to eat.  I drove by Chen’s and thought I would google them. The first link showed up as this in Google: New Providence cook stabs himself multiple times in … Continue reading

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Glass Horse

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WEG 2010 – More Driving Pictures

Selected Pictures from the 2nd obstacle of the marathon driving at the WEG 2010

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WEG 2010 Pic Preview

A few pics

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Ordered One 6-Foot Cable

This is what I got: I was charged for one 6-Foot cable.  The shipping receipt shows one 6-Foot cable.

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The Children

Think of the Children! Well they seem content!

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