WEG 2010 Pic Preview

A few pics

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4 Responses to WEG 2010 Pic Preview

  1. mariser says:

    beautiful and breathtaking. worth all the time you spent standing in the sun.

  2. lurkertype says:

    I’m watching this on the teevee right now!

    • mariser says:

      did you see the Final Four showjumping finals?
      I wuz there. and it was even better to watch live.

      • lurkertype says:

        how exciting!

        yes, they showed a bit of the run-up and all of the Final Four on the teevee. Not as good as being there, but they did stump up the cash for hi-def so details could be seen.

        Only showed the highlights of this chariot/stagecoach thingy. The past 3 Sundays NBC had 2-3 hours of this before the football. I see cat and dog food ads all the time, but this is a first on horse fud.

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