Safely Home

Went on a business trip and was not sure if I could make it home.  Thanks to Mariser and almost not Delta I did..

First big issue,  my driver’s license.  It had a bit of de-lamination.  Did not think much of it.  Until I got to New Jersey.  Clerk at the rental car counter said something about it.  Lots of down time due to the general disorganization of the client.  Sitting in the guest office bored,  I give the plastic cover on my drivers license a tug and it comes off.  Cool it does not look bad any more.  Then I realized,  the anti-tamper port of my license was the plastic cover…..

Now,  how do I go through airport security without a Real ID approved ID?  Lucky,  Mariser could mail me my passport.  Hurdle 1 out of the way.

Next was to be simple.  Show up at the airport and catch my plane.  First problem,  I drive in the National rental car return line instead of the Enterprise rental car return.  Now apparently once you enter the line there is no way out.  So the National guy had to inspect my car and tel me how to do a “manual return”.

That out of the way,  I go through security.  I had forgot to sign my passport.   I had to show other ID.  I decided to show one of my credit cards instead of my defective drivers license.  that was OK but for some reason I was singled out for extra check for explosive materials.

Then I discover my flight will be late.  Will I miss my connecting flight in Cincinnati?  No big deal as it is the same plane that is going to Lexington afterward.  So almost 3 hours late we take off.

Upon landing in Cincinnati,  it gets weird.   I ask the flight attendant how long the lay over is and she informs me that the plane is not going to Lexington but Kansas City.  I talk to the gate agent and she tells me the last plane to Lexington left over an hour ago.  I show her my boarding pass and she is confused.

After several calls and going all over the airport,  I find out I did not board the plane going to Cincinnati.  Least according to Delta’s computer.  Neither did the 6 other people who flew from Newark to the Cincinnati Airport wanting to go Lexington.   Hence was a big surprise to the ticket counter agents that we were there…..

They had already used a different plane for the Lexington flight since we apparently and conveniently missed our flight.  So at first they wanted to give us a hotel voucher and stay the night even though we were 66 miles from our destination.  In the end Delta hired a van and a driver for us.

In all,  it took us 9 hours to get home where driving a car would have been 11 hours.

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6 Responses to Safely Home

  1. Jaypo says:

    And this is why I hate traveling. Forgetting, losing, and being late. I do that enough in RL.

  2. crankypants says:

    Oh my god! What a nightmare! I take it you will be hitting up the DMV this week to take care of the driver’s license. And you should scold them about the weak craftsmanship that almost got you a cavity search.

  3. lol, ain’t that the way?

  4. My kind of travel. Did any babies puke on you? Any flat tires on rentals, leaving of debit card in ATM at last city. I am a bad luck traveler.

  5. snoringKatZ says:

    Do they give you peanuts and a soda on a van ride? Because I think they should have to do that since you got hosed out of getting them on the plane ride you didn’t get.

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