NaBloPoMo – Communications and the Bunnell Sounder

Previously I posted my Bunnell key.  Tonight,  it is my Bunnell sounder.  Basically a telegraph system needs a key, wires, battery, and a sounder.  The wires and battery are for power and connection.  Sorta of boring and hard to collect.  The opposite end of the key is an indicator of the received Morse code.  There has been multiple devices over the years and currently is the audio from a radio.  But before radios, there was the telegraph sounder.  It is basically a couple of solenoids hooked to a metal rod to make sound.  Yep the click sound one here’s in the movies but they never should where the sound is coming from.  This particular sounder is a J. H. Bunnell.  It is not marked for year or end user.  I purchased it out of Canada and it is probably a 100 years old give or take 10 years.

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1 Response to NaBloPoMo – Communications and the Bunnell Sounder

  1. snoringKatZ says:

    I always think of Rose Wilder Lane’s biography by Roger Lea McBride (?) where he described how she made her way to San Francisco when she was 18 (I think) and went to telegraph school. It turned out to be a scam but I’ve never forgotten the description.

    Just all the details about the book like the title and author. Ha!

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