NaBloPoMo – Communications: Astatic D-104 Microphone

The Astatic D-104 is the granddaddy of microphones.  It was in production in one form or another from 1933 to 2001.  You had to supply your own cable to match your radio.  Many shops sold them pre-configured.  But that was cheating.

Mine is a non amplified model but without the call letter support.  So it could date back to 1938.  Probably a bit newer as it has the gray base. I bought it at an antique show.  The owner did not know if it worked or not.  He had it just for show.  I replaced the cable with one I made for my Yaesu FT-227R and it worked.  A bit too “tinny” as there was an impedance mismatch.  I need to upgrade it to the amplified version.  Nicknamed the Lollipop mic among its users.    Nevertheless its quite pretty.  Much nicer than the plastic mics supplied with the radios.

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