NaBloPoMo – Communications: 2005 Christmas Key

Each year,  Morse Express commissions a Christmas ornament from a craftsman.  The design varies with the year and the craftsman.

They still had some new old stock from 2005 made by LTA and I have been working OT,  so I  purchased one. It arrived on Friday.

Morse Express’s webpage picture:


2005 Christmas Key

And it does actually work,  My crude attempt at code:

And one should always put something in the picture for size reference:

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6 Responses to NaBloPoMo – Communications: 2005 Christmas Key

  1. Lauri says:

    The Original Tweeting!
    I have no idea what you said….I did notice some “s”‘s in there, though!

    Princess Hank is downright fascinated!

  2. lurkertype says:

    I didn’t think you had a choice whether or not to include Hank in photos.

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