NaBloPoMo – Communications: A CB base station

I got into radios in the late 1970s with CBs like many others.  I had a couple of mobile rigs used as base stations with a power supply and then I got my first real base station.  40 channels and sideband yeah! I have since sold it many years ago but a quick internet search shows it was most likely a Realistic TRC-458.  I had it connected to a 1/4 ground plane antenna bare above the roof.  I put it up myself at age 14.  No one was paying attention to me as I screwed brackets into the house and climbed on the roof.  I had to use the TV antenna mast as a ladder.  When we moved to the trailer,  I used a car magnetic mount antenna thrown up on the metal roof.  I used my mom’s cal sign,  KNJ-7109.  By then,  getting a callsign was not required but she did.

Someones TRC-458:

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