NaBloPoMo – Communications: Walkie Talkies

Well not going to be posting everyday,  Grinderman interrupted my NaBloPoMo.  I might make up the missing days and then I might not.  Before video games,  the electronic gadget every kid wanted was a pair of walkie talkies.   Yep,  they were originally invented for the military.  Anyway,  the original kid’s walkie talkie worked on the Citizen’s Band Channel 14.   CB Channel 14  is 27.125 MHz and was often the only channel the walkie-talkie could receive.  Also AM modulation was the rule.  Later kid’s walkie talkies were onthe 49MHz band and now I think many are actually FRS in 460 MHz band.  Anyway,  when I was a teenager I ended up with a set of nice Radio Shack TRC-27 walkie talkies.  Least I think they were.  I belive I gave them to my nephew many years ago.  Nifty thing was the sunspot cycle was at it highest when I had them and I actually talked to someone in Texas when I was in Bowling Green KY.

This picture matches my memory:

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