Image Number 9999

Well my image counter on my DSLR rolled over. I believe it is an accurate count for the total number of exposures on both of my DSLRs. I have two cameras from the same manufacturer (Pentax). They each increment the counter by one for each picture taken but also if you swap card between them, they the higher of the two numbers (internal versus external).  So I am fairly sure I have now hit 10,000 pictures.

So here is Image number 9999 (Nick Cave!):

And Image number 10,000 (Warren Ellis!):

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4 Responses to Image Number 9999

  1. mariser says:

    on pic 9999 you can really tell His Nickness is becoming a member of the shiny dome club.

    on pic 0000, the darkness has finally swallowed Warren’s head

  2. stupido63 says:

    Nick is getting a chrome dome indeed!

  3. Gotta love head swallowing darkness.

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