NaBloPoMo – Communications: VHF and UHF Handie Talkies

The hand held radios for amateur radio use are called handie talkies or HTs.   This was derived from the military where the original back pack radios were walkie talkies and thus the new fangled hand held ones would thus be handie talkies.

These are Radio Shack transceivers.  Yep,  Radio Shack used to sell radios and not cell phones and plans.  Any way,  the one on the left is a HTX-202,  a VHF transceiver.  I bought it in 2004 off of Ebay and it was quite used and abused as one can see in the second picture.  But it works quite fine and seems bullet proof.  The one on the right is a HTX-404, a UHF transceiver.  I bought it in 2009,  from the widow of a SK.  Its been well treated.

Since I now have more modern HTs,  I plan to use these in a dedicated setup for Amateur Radio Satellite ground station.  I am hoping that since they do not tune outside the amateur bands,  they will have better filtering.

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