NaBloPoMo – Communications: If you are feeling generous

You can get this for me for Christmas:

Yaesu FTDX9000MP:

It is not too expensive,  it starts at $10,999 without options.  At that price you do not even get a microphone.    But you do get a 400 watt HF transceiver with a Class A amplifier for levels up to 100 watts,  inputs  for 4 antennas, a computer and a GPS. And lots and lots of knobs.

Of course I want options:

A TFT Display at $1100 (or I could use a big screen TV instead), all three tuning units at $433 each and a microphone at $400.

I might want an external amplifier too.  How about the VL-1000 at $4000?  Its a 1000 watts.  Well the VL-2000 is going to be released soon,  maybe you will want to make that my birthday present?

BTW,  the total comes up to around $18,000.  These are sell prices not MSRP.  I assume the MSRP is well over $20,000.  And if you want one,  you can’t order it over the internet,  you have to call or go in person.   It will be configured for you and shipped from Yaesu.  Universal Radio did have a demo a while back.  It was discounted about $2000.    And yes they let the office cat sleep on it!

BTW,  ICOM makes an even more expensive radio: IC-7800 at $12,000 plus options

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6 Responses to NaBloPoMo – Communications: If you are feeling generous

  1. mariser says:

    I hope Santa is listening…

  2. Perhaps Santa will bring you one. That Santa isn’t me. ;D

  3. Lauri says:


    We’ll start taking up a c0llection….*shifty eyes*

  4. snoringKatZ says:

    It’s worth every penny just for the knobs.

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