Dueling Billboards

Well seems there are dueling billboards on either side of the Lincoln Tunnel

One is by the American Atheists: “You know it’s a myth. This season, celebrate reason!”  It is on the N.J side as you are headed to NYC.



You know it's a myth. This season, celebrate reason!

On the New York side of the tunnel,  the Catholic League has countered with: “You know it’s real. This season, celebrate Jesus.  ”


You know it's real. This season, celebrate Jesus.

All the media outlets are portraying this as a battle of religon verses non-religion.  I think they got it wrong.  If you go into NYC,  you need reason.  If you go into New Jersey, you better pray?

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2 Responses to Dueling Billboards

  1. lurkertype says:


    That Catholic one is fugly, the atheist one is much prettier.

  2. Lauri says:

    Oh those just make me laugh!!!

    This season celebrate REASON! Hahahahaha.

    Very very good. And New Jersey….well, whatever gets you out alive!

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