Car Wreck. Ack!

Went out to lunch today like we do most days.  After wards,  we needed to go buy electrical supplies.  My coworker Bill was driving.  As we pull into Home Depot’s lot,  I tell Bill to watch for a semi-truck cutting into our lane.  He has to stand on the brakes and then a guy in a Mercedes hits us hard in the rear.

No one was hurt really.  I feel a bit sore and the coworker in the back seat has a small knot on his head.

The bummer is Bill’s car is probably totaled.  The rear bumper support was pushed in about 2 inches.  The trunk lid is buckled and the quarter panel is warped.  So he had a perfectly good used Camry with 71,000 miles. Paid for. Owned by first his mother and then him.  Now he will have to decide on getting car payments or take his chances with a used car.

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8 Responses to Car Wreck. Ack!

  1. Lauri says:

    URGH. That’s so upsetting and scary. The good part is ….no major injuries…so often it’s a lot worse.
    Stay well!

  2. snoringKatZ says:

    Oh, jeez. I hope everyone continues to feel alright. Tomorrow may be ouchier. And then the ouch to replace that good car – no fun 😦

  3. doranyc says:

    Gha!! Close call! I’m so glad you are alright!!!

  4. AuntieBellum says:

    Argh! I’m glad everyone seems to be okay, and I hope the car turns out to be less damaged than it looks.

    Car accidents are a pain in the neck, mostly because insurance companies are a pain in the neck. Or maybe it’s just mine. I’ve had to fight tooth and nail every time I’ve had to work with my own insurance company, but I’ve never had any trouble with anyone else’s. Blah.

  5. stupido63 says:

    The car is apparently repairable. The insurance company is going to get him a rental for now. They decided his car is not safe to drive. And they called me to check on my aches and pains. So far I am OK. And yes today was a bit ouchier for all involved.

  6. crankypants says:

    Glad everyone is okay!

  7. Glad that there were no serious injuries. As I recall, you’re in the U.K. or thereabouts, is that correct?

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