An HO Scale Drive-in Theater

Actually more of a demonstration project.  Anyway,  a friend showed me an ad for the “Eye-Clops” mini-projector and it seemed like it would work as a basis for an HO scale drive-in theater.

But it was a big big for an HO scale projection house,  especially with all the cables.

What to do?  My first idea was to use mirrors and mount it under the table.  That was unsatisfactory.  So dis-assembly instead.  I took the video board out and mounted it in a mockup.  And thus we have a working HO Scale drive-in theater.

Well it is a start.

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4 Responses to An HO Scale Drive-in Theater

  1. Dave says:

    that’s really cool.

  2. Kevin says:

    I did it with a pocket projector! Keep going with yours! It’s amazing what you can build!

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