NaBloPoMo – Trains – The DeWitt Clinton

For today’s NaBloPomo post,  another Bachman model of a historical train:  The DeWitt Clinton

The DeWitt Clinton at least according to Wikipedia and another site,  was the 4th locomotive built in the United States.  Tom Thumb was the first.  The John Bull was the second.  Sorta,  it was built from a set parts shipped from Great Britain.  Sort of like a CKD.

Anyhow,  the DeWitt Clinton was built 4th and the first steam locomotive to operate in the state of New York.  It had a short run and was scrapped in 1833.  A replica was built 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago.

My model is one of the first series of production like my John Bull.  It was NOS I bought at a local hobby store in the mid 1990s.  Its box is in much better shape as it has never left our current house.  No bouncing around in moves.  The carriage cars are so cute.

A picture of the 1893 replica:

NaBloPoMo 2011

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