NaBloPoMo – Trains – V&T J.W. Bowker

We jump a few decades to 1875 and look at a Baldwin 2-4-0 wood burning steam locomotive – the V&T J.W. Bowler.

The Virginia and Truckee was a short line railroad in Nevada serving the Comstock and other mines.  It was abandoned in 1950 but was rebuilt as a heritage railroad.

The J.W. Bowler was fairly typical of western wood burning locomotives.  It is currently at the Nevada State Railroad Museum.   Perhaps it’s main claim to fame is that it was used  in the 1939 movie Union Pacific.

My model I bought just a couple of years ago from a nice shop in Louisville.  It is early 1970’s vintage made by Rivarossi in Italy and marketed by AHM.

Side view,  look at the prices

Hank had to help

Look at the drive shaft between the tender and locomotive.  The 1970s electric motor would not fit in the locomotive.

The original at the Nevada Railroad Museum:

NaBloPoMo 2011

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4 Responses to NaBloPoMo – Trains – V&T J.W. Bowker

  1. littlemiao says:

    I imagine trains must be particularly interesting for kitties to watch.

    Fascinating stuff!

  2. stupido63 says:

    I very seldom run them. When I do, Hank watches for a while and then pounces….

  3. Lauri says:

    Lol! Giganto Cat on the attack!

  4. Lurkertype says:

    That is a very cartoony-looking train. I suppose that’s where they got the look from.

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