NaBloPoMo – An Unknown Tank Engine

Marisa bought this locomotive and wagon for me when we were in Caracas in 1987. The locomotive has no railroad markings and neither it nor the wagon have a manufacturers mark.

The locomotive is a 0-4-0 tank locomotive configured for British and European use. It has bumpers. Additionally it and the wagon (freight cars were called wagons in Britain) have the European style model railroad couplers.

If anyone knows which railroad these are modeled after, please let me know.

In case you are wondering, 0-4-0 refers to the configuration of the locomotive. It is the Whyte notation.  That is there are 0 leading wheels, 4 driven wheels and 0 trailing wheels.  Additionally,  you could call it a 0-4-0T with T being tank.  A tank locomotive had no tender.  It carried its water in tanks on the locomotive itself.

The locomotive still works fine but years ago it had an big accident.  I had set it up on the fireplace mantle running back and forth under computer controller during a family Christmas gathering.  I walked into the living room to find my brother-in-laws frantically trying to put it back together.  Carlos had derailed it causing it to crash to the floor and Santos and him were acting like kids trying to cover up the crime.  I had a good laugh.

NaBloPoMo 2011

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  1. Lauri says:

    Boys will be boys!

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