NaBloPoMo – Seaboard System EMD GP38-2

Another NaBloPoMo day and another model locomotive.  This time it is a EMD GP38-2.  The GP38 was the successor to the GP35.   The GP38-2 was an updated version of the GP38.  It was produced from 1972 to 1986.  2215 were produced.  Many are still in use.

My model is an Athearn undecorated model someone has painted in the Seaboard System scheme.  It is configured without dynamic braking.  Per the shop I bought it from,  whoever did it did an excellent job.  I agree.  The Seaboard System merged with the L&N to become the Family Lines.  Later the new company merged with the Chessie Systems to become CSX.  CSX is one of the big 4 North American railroads.

Hank thinks it should stay in the box.

Side view

3/4 Front view (I like this composition)

Rear view,  notice the angled back.

A modified GP38-2 still in use.  Notice the small fuel tank and flat rear.  (Picture is mine)

Note the Alaska 3015 is an EMD GP40-2. The main difference is internal, it has a turbo charger versus the supercharger of the GP38-2. Also the GP40-2 has 3 fans on top versus the GP38-2 having 2. The Alaska 3015 has dynamic brakes where the model I posted did not. Dynamic brakes were available on both. The Alaska Railroad does have GP38-2 locomotives still in service.

NaBloPoMo 2011

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