NaBloPoMo – GE 44-ton Switcher

Thought I would show a considerably different type of locomotive today. It is a General Electric 44 ton switching locomotive.  It was buit to be below 90,000 pounds as above that weight,  the unions required a fireman in addition to the engineer.

The interesting thing about the GE 44-ton switcher is that it had two Caterpillar 4-cycle diesel engines.  GE made the locomotive and the electrical but not the diesel (prime mover).  GE is now the largest manufacturer of diesel-electric locomotives.  EMD has the largeset installed base of diesel-electric locomotives.

Hank looks like she had a bit took much cat-nip in the next pic.  Whoa, how did the train get so small…

The Caterpillar diesel motor

An actual GE 44-ton switcher.

NaBloPoMo 2011

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2 Responses to NaBloPoMo – GE 44-ton Switcher

  1. lol, he does look like he took a few too many, uh, nips …

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