NaBloPoMo – Pennsylvania GG1 #4828

The GG1 was large electric locomotive built for the Pennsylvania Railroad. It weighed over 215 tons!. It was configured in a 2-C+C-2 configuration. They were constructed from 1935 to 1943. The last one was retired in 1983.  They were retired for several reasons.  First of which age had taken its toll,  the frames were cracking and expensive to repair and electric systems were hard to find replacement parts for (Hello RadioShack,  I need a 11000 volt step down transformer).  Also there was plans to change the line from 25Hz to 60Hz. Most have been scrapped. There are a few on static display but none are functional.

I bought my model in the late 1980s from KayBee Toys in the Bowling Green Greenwood Mall. They sold it to me for the price of a trolley car model. It is numbered 4828. The real 4828 was scrapped sometime in the 1980s.

The box has seen better days.

Notice the rust on the pantograph.  Over 20 years of Kentucky humid summers will take its toll.

A cosmetically restored GG1

The 4828 in Penn Central colors


NaBloPoMo 2011

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