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Key Lime Flower

Hand held shots with 50mm lens, 2x doubler and bellows.  Yea,  about 30 shots to get two. [Update] The whole tree And with a measuring tape for perspective.

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God Hates Chicken

Just some random graffiti near our house. And yes this is at a busy intersection.  It was not there on Friday.

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Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting

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That can’t be comfortable.

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Short commentary on Christmas presents and kids

Just a simple Craigslist ad I ran across. Says alot about our society “We have a Meade LightBridge 12inch telescope for sale with 2 extra eye pieces and a shroud to keep dust and debris off during storage. Bought for … Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo – The Layout

Well made it 30 days.  But for some reason everything is set to UTC so this will be dated December 1.  Anyway,  I do have more than locomotives.  It surprised me that I had over 30 though.  But the last … Continue reading

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