Cincinnati Zoo on Easter Sunday

Went to the Zoo this Easter Sunday.  Lovely day. Took some nice pics.  One interesting thing I noticed,  was I was the only person using a walking stick.  No canes either.  Either they were fully mobile or in a scooter.  Anyway,  here are some pics.

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3 Responses to Cincinnati Zoo on Easter Sunday

  1. Drude says:

    What a pretty emu! Was she all Emo Emu? or was she just bashfully batting her eyelashes at you?
    Over here, the walking sticks have been almost entirely replaced by ski/nordic walking sticks… I guess people prefer to look like they’re doing a SPORT!… the dignified metal topped ‘I am a man of some standing’ kind of sticks have long since gone out of use.- if they hadn’t, my dad would be swinging one.. He’s given me a lecture on correct use of walking sticks once… I could tell he wished he could have one… but then I gave him one and he never ever used it… so there.

    • stupido63 says:

      Indeed she was all Emo Emu. I am quite happy at how that shot turned out. I used a 70-210mm manual zoom at 210mm hand-held. My walking stick is more of a hiking stick. So I guess it is closer to the ski/nordic style. Anyway, I did not see anyone using them either. I use it for lighten the load on my ankle when I know I am going to be walking a lot.

  2. Lauri says:

    Great pics! I especially love the owl and the frog!

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