Been one of those weeks

Well this week has been one of those weeks. To summarize, ask client via email “How do you configure the Ethernet port on your product”, he replies “kittens are nice”.

Well he actually didn’t say that but his answer was about as useful. And last week, well I confirmed the fact that one should not grab a wire with 600 VAC on it.

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5 Responses to Been one of those weeks

  1. Drude says:

    Aaah live wires are not a good thing to grab any week.

    I have been discussing statistics over email and would have preferred “kittens are nice” replies.
    Instead I got a billion irrelevant bits of information… and underlined bits of my own question back… why can’t people just say “errr, I don’t know!” so you don’t have to waste so much time trying to make sense of their bullshit.

    • stupido63 says:

      Well the reply I got was not “kittens are nice” but it was about as useful. And I need to think of a better back story for my new scars. Live wires are boring. How about “don’t pet a mountain lion after you gave her catnip?”

      • Drude says:

        Oh, live wires don’t have to be THAT boring… you could have been tortured with electro-shocks by some (foreign?) government agency to extract information about your secret double life…. fill in details and you have an excellent if not entirely politically neutral back story.

  2. Drude says:

    Oh and I forgot: HUGS! next week can only be better… and it’s friday!

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