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Stevie Needed Tail Lights

Don’t ask me why.

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To All Who Served and to All Who Will.


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Silly Question from a Co-worker

First thing,  Kentucky is a very red state and while Lexington is slight blue,  many people working here including my co-worker are not from Lexington. “You did not really vote for Obama????”  Well you have known me for years and … Continue reading

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The kitties true opinion of the election

I can sleep though this! So,  tomorrow,  should we have kitty pics or a discussion of the Chevrolet 5.7 liter engine?

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Stevie Says

Remember to Vote.  I will keep the bed warm.

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2 Cycle Engines

No one mentioned that a 2 cycle engine is actually simpler than a B&S engine.  Well it is but I still say the B&S is the simplest most common engine.  The B&S is a 4-cycle engine just like in most … Continue reading

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Where to Sleep

Yep,  I said I going to post an engine (2 cycle) but it is more important: to find a place to sleep. One could find a nice couch and cuddle up to a warm blanket: Or the simpler way,  just … Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo 2012 – Cat Day

OK,  How about alternating until I get a cat on a motorbike.  And without further ado, Cat Tongue. I will post an engine tomorrow

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NaBloPoMo time again

Well, 2011 it was Model Trains. 2010 it was Radios and Communications 2009 it was Old Computers 2008 it was Cameras So what should 2012 be?  Mariser suggested Engines.  Most would not be mine but I would at least put … Continue reading

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