NaBloPoMo time again


  • 2011 it was Model Trains.
  • 2010 it was Radios and Communications
  • 2009 it was Old Computers
  • 2008 it was Cameras

So what should 2012 be?  Mariser suggested Engines.  Most would not be mine but I would at least put as many as I can remember for the ones I owned.  Any other suggestions?

So assuming I don’t have any requests,  I will start with the simplest engine.  A Briggs and Stratton.  Quite often found on your $100 lawn mower.  It is an all aluminum block, piston, head and connecting rod engine.  The crank is cast iron.  It is a single cylinder with a magneto ignition using a magnet in the flywheel and a coil.  It is a flat head desigh with the valves in the block.  Air-cooled and no oil pump.  Just a extension for the connection rod to sling the oil.  The early ones lasted forever but the new ones don’t.     It was the first engine I learned how to rebuild.  Now why would you?  The carburetors used to be aluminum but now they are plastic to keep the cost low.  Good engine but plan on replacing it it.

No picture,  just go out into the shed and look at one.  Probably have one there or did.  They make over 10 million units a year.

naBloPoMo 2012

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5 Responses to NaBloPoMo time again

  1. Lauri says:

    I enjoyed reading about this simplest engine. I knew nothing whatsoever about them.
    Cats on motorbikes!

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