2 Cycle Engines

No one mentioned that a 2 cycle engine is actually simpler than a B&S engine.  Well it is but I still say the B&S is the simplest most common engine.  The B&S is a 4-cycle engine just like in most cars.  However the 2-cycle single cylinder gasoline engine is even simpler.  It has no valves, camshaft, lifters etc and depends on oil in the fuel for lubrication.  Found in things like chain saws and leave blowers,  they are beginning to be phased out due to pollution issues.

But hell with that,  here is a kitty picture from earlier in the day:

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4 Responses to 2 Cycle Engines

  1. Lauri says:

    Heehee…the water drip on heeez nosey!

    We just got a chain saw last year. It probably has the 2 cycle engine. Or to combat pollution issues what would they replace it with?

    • stupido63 says:

      Most chainsaws still have 2-cycle engines. Used to be one could find motorcycles and small boat engines which were 2-cycle. But with ever more stringent EPA rules, they have went to 4-cycle engines. California is particularly bad on disallowing new 2-cycle powered vehicles. I imagine it is just a matter of time before the traditional 2-cycle gasoline engine is effectively banned in all applications. But direct fuel injection may save the 2-cycle engine but then it will not be such a simplistic motor.

  2. Lurkertype says:

    Lovely profile of Princess Hank.

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