Silly Question from a Co-worker

First thing,  Kentucky is a very red state and while Lexington is slight blue,  many people working here including my co-worker are not from Lexington. “You did not really vote for Obama????”  Well you have known me for years and know I am about as liberal as you can get.  Who in the hell did you think I voted for?  And yes he would not consider a 3rd party candidate as viable.  Really,  how could anyone left of center even consider Romney?

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3 Responses to Silly Question from a Co-worker

  1. crankypants says:

    I think a lot of (dumb) people assume that if you are white you are voting for the white guy.

    • Jaypo says:

      …and if you’re black, you’re voting for the black guy. I have no idea what drives people with whole brains to talk like they only have half a one.

  2. stupido63 says:

    Yep. lots assume race decides the votes. But if that was the case, Romney would not have gotten more than a handfull of vote. Just how many borgs are voting?

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