Starting the last Bedroom Floor

Well,  got started on the guest bedroom since we will be having guests in the near future.  A friend had ripped the carpet out and Dicky had painted the room so just the floor needs to be done.

Of course nothing is simple,  after the carpet was removed,  we found out that the window had leaked in the past and the floor had been repaired with bondo.   The previous owners did replace the window so no more leaking.

The pictures show an interesting construction detail which I had never seen before.  The house was built in 1979 right in the middle of the wall-to-wall carpet fad.  The sub-floor is plywood.  But after the house was framed and before the drywall was hung,  another layer was added.  But it was particleboard.  I assume because it was cheap and provided a nice smooth surface for the carpet.  So a combination of quality and cheap.  Least there was a real sub-floor.  The particleboard is also the reason we went with an engineered floor as opposed to traditional.



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