A Delayed Repair

I posted this on Facebook but thought it might be a good fit here. Today, I have finally started the repair on the dining room ceiling in our old house.  I didn’t want to do it as trying to match an almost 100 year old ceiling is daunting.

Basically,  in 2005,  Katrina paid Kentucky a visit as a tropical depression and parked over head.  It has been almost 11 years so the details are a bit hazy.  I swear it rained for a week.  Anyhow,  we had annoying leak before.  I could not track it down.  It was not major.  Just a drip every now and then.  I caulked and sealed everything.  But no solution.  Then Katrina came.  And it rained in the dining room.

So  the first thing after getting buckets and moving the table was to knock a hole in the ceiling to let the water out.  And then a big chunk came down.  Least I could now have an idea where the water was coming from.  Turns out,  it was not the roof, gutter, soffit  etc.  But instead the upstairs window sill.  It was rotted out between the two windows.  After alot of cussing,  I fixed that.  Now the hole in the ceiling?  A temporary fix,  a piece of painted plywood.  It has been that way every since.  Now we want to sell the house,  it needs fixed.

The house is plaster over cement board.  That comes to just about an inch.  They don’t make drywall in 1 inch thickness.  So 1/2 drywall over 1/2 plywood.

And now the pictures.  The last one is a cross-section of the original ceiling.  It is three layers.  A cement board, rough coat of cement/mortar and a finish coat of plaster.  Actually one more as at some point in the last 90 years or so,  someone added texture to the ceilings.


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