Princess Hank Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

This is hard. Don’t know how to start. But let’s cut to the chase. Princess Hank crossed the Rainbow Bridge Saturday November 9. I hadn’t posted earlier since I was not ready. She was with us for almost 17 years. We got her when we thought we was a kitten. The Lexington Humane Society said she was 8 months old but she was so small. Monica looked her over, looked at her teeth and handed her back. Nope, not a kitten, you got a small cat. Sam and Andi picked her out. They walked pass adorable kittens and picked her for me.

Princess Hank was always into everything. She always wanted to be part of it. Whatever it was. For most of her 17.5 years she was extremely healthy. On the the last two months showed her true age. Yes over the past few years she did not jump as high or run as fast but she did not really show her age. Still she loved her walkies, her open windows, the summer palace (AKA the garage) and the catio. Each day she would be either at the door or on the couch looking at the door when I came home. If I was particularly late, she would yell at me. She would take up the position about 1/2 hour before I was supposed to come home.

The end game came fast. She did not want to eat. She had lost weight. She didn’t want to eat Dr. Hardigree ran tests. Her thyriod was hyperactive. She also had a slightly elevated BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen). Dr. Hardigree warned me that hyperthyroidism could mask kidney issues. After two weeks on med, her thyroid count was down but not enough. So we increased her med. Actually the increase was probably up to the original prescribed amount as she was not at all cooperative. Early November, she was back to her normal self. She got fluids on Saturday and was doing fine. Sunday, she didn’t want to eat again. We tried various things to get her to eat. She got fluids again on Wednesady. I got sashimi on Thursday and she like like it. Friday she crashed. Marisa took her to get fluids. Her BUN was over 270. Normal is 30. It was time. She came home for one last night and naps. Saturday she could barely walk and she had her last ride to the vet. Southland Veterinary Hospital was very kind. She is buried beside some dogwood trees. She always like eating dogwood flowers.

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4 Responses to Princess Hank Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

  1. crankypants says:

    Awwww 😢😢😢 I’m so sorry, she was so cute. Hugs to you and Marisa. It’s never easy but what a lucky cat to have wound up with you guys! 17 plus years is pretty great.

  2. Laurie says:

    I’m so sorry, you guys. Judging by the photo array, she was clearly a cat full of mischief and adventure. The photo of her on the modem is just like my Macaroon lying on the warm cable box at my place. So sad that you have to say goodbye to your sweetie.

  3. stupido63 says:

    Yes she was full of mischief and adventure. I had to “cat-proof” the sink cabinet to keep her from opening it and getting into the cabinet with the chemicals. At the new house house I had to lock the door to the garage to keep her from opening it when I was working outside. Cups were never allow anywhere near the edge. And if she was mad at us, nowhere on the counter either. She had hiding places we never could find.

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