Summer Princess Hank Pics.

IMGP2436ph-contrast and brightnessIMGP2433

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Hunter Original Fan Installation

I took the Hunter Original Fan out of our old house and installed it in the Radio Room.  A bit of a chore as it is heavy,  mounts differently than normal fans and there was no box in the ceiling.

First to find the center of the room:


Next to make the hole.   The original builder decided to put a wall scone in instead of a ceiling light.  Later that was removed and the box was plastered over.  But that’s another story.


Then a metal pancake box screwed to the joist.  BTW,  I found the layout mark on the joist for where the ceiling light was originally planned to be located.  Notice the u-bolt fan mount.  It is lag screwed into the joist.  I had to drill through the electrical box for the lag screws.



IMGP2098IMGP2099 IMGP2100

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Stevie Posing


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New Camera – Stevie


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Where has the Kitten Chow been going?

kitten chow

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Just Another Day at Work

1000 amps (1) 1000 amps test 2

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Caturday and Thunderstorms

Our Big Boy


Our Little Girl


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Project New Catio has Commenced

It is a start.

catio 1

catio 2

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It has finally warmed up enough to do outdoor projects

After all,  who can work if it is below 90°F?

Anyhow,  half our backyard is behind our privacy fence.  Why,  I don’t know,  one of the previous owners was too cheap?  Anyhow,  the way it was,  we had to go all the way around the house to get to the other part of the backyard.

The before pic


And some during

 IMGP0244 IMGP0245 

Detail on cutting the gate out

IMGP0246 IMGP0249

And the final product

IMGP0250 IMGP0251 IMGP0253

And yep,  nothing is straight on this project.  I am just happy the fence did not collapse given its poor construction and age.


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Caturday in July

caturday 0

caturday 1

caturday 2

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