Stevie Posing


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New Camera – Stevie


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Where has the Kitten Chow been going?

kitten chow

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Just Another Day at Work

1000 amps (1) 1000 amps test 2

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Caturday and Thunderstorms

Our Big Boy


Our Little Girl


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Project New Catio has Commenced

It is a start.

catio 1

catio 2

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It has finally warmed up enough to do outdoor projects

After all,  who can work if it is below 90°F?

Anyhow,  half our backyard is behind our privacy fence.  Why,  I don’t know,  one of the previous owners was too cheap?  Anyhow,  the way it was,  we had to go all the way around the house to get to the other part of the backyard.

The before pic


And some during

 IMGP0244 IMGP0245 

Detail on cutting the gate out

IMGP0246 IMGP0249

And the final product

IMGP0250 IMGP0251 IMGP0253

And yep,  nothing is straight on this project.  I am just happy the fence did not collapse given its poor construction and age.


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Caturday in July

caturday 0

caturday 1

caturday 2

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Latest WTF Moment

Well,  today just before 7 PM,  our door bell rang twice.  Before we could get to the door, whomever rang it was gone.  Typical prank?  Wait,  a new twist.  1/2 of a Little Caesar’s sausage pizza.  It smelled good but as Marisa put it maybe it has Roundup in it since we are the only ones on our new block not to spray.



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Starting the last Bedroom Floor

Well,  got started on the guest bedroom since we will be having guests in the near future.  A friend had ripped the carpet out and Dicky had painted the room so just the floor needs to be done.

Of course nothing is simple,  after the carpet was removed,  we found out that the window had leaked in the past and the floor had been repaired with bondo.   The previous owners did replace the window so no more leaking.

The pictures show an interesting construction detail which I had never seen before.  The house was built in 1979 right in the middle of the wall-to-wall carpet fad.  The sub-floor is plywood.  But after the house was framed and before the drywall was hung,  another layer was added.  But it was particleboard.  I assume because it was cheap and provided a nice smooth surface for the carpet.  So a combination of quality and cheap.  Least there was a real sub-floor.  The particleboard is also the reason we went with an engineered floor as opposed to traditional.



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