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A bit of Pain for an Inanimate Object

One of my “babies” got hurt. I helped design and then redesign (when the standard changed) a test system. There were 5 of them. Two at our location, two at a client’s location on the west coast and one at … Continue reading

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Kitties helping me with sorting the paperwork

Yep,  I am lazy and there is a box of paperwork stretching back over a year,  let sort it so I can get rid of some of it.  And the kitties helped,

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The new house has a kitty

The home inspector found a kitty under the house.  The type which is black with a long white stripe…..

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A new house to consider

This one is in a good neighborhood and $30,000 below our max.  There is no catio but then we have a $30,000 buffer. That will build a damn nice catio.  Actually with this house if we get it,  there will … Continue reading

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