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Snow Bunny

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Craigslist Idiots – Again

Well,  I always check Craigslist to see if there is any toys I want.  Occasionally,  I find something neat (my Pentax K2000 camera, my chipper/shredder, a bag of vintage cameras, etc).  I even sold my Blazer on Craigslist and boy … Continue reading

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As always the I-65 corridor stands out

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Oxycontin Blues

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One Lesson from the Incident in Tucson

One thing we have learned and I have always known,  is that an armed populace will not prevent this type of tragedy.  After other incidents such as the Virginia Tech Shootings, we always hear something like this,  “well if the … Continue reading

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No Goatsucker for Kentucky

“Biologists have anatomically confirmed that a hairless animal shot by a man in Nelson County nearly two weeks ago is not a chupacabra.” Just another run of the mill hairless racoon: Scientist say is was a hairless raccoon. Scientists are … Continue reading

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Their Moment of Zen

Taking pictures at Red Rock Canyon,  I noticed this.  I had to use a 210 mm zoom to get it. Cropped: Yes they are WAY up there.

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