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Don’t understand it but here’s some couch burning

The University of Kentucky Wildcats made it into the Final Four. Advertisements

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After 17 years of working for the same company

They ask me for proof of eligibility to be employed in the U.S?!?!?!?!  I.E., I have to fill out an I-9 form.

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The Luck of the Irish

The luck of the Irish shined upon my family when I was a wee lad. I was just a wee lad but I do recall our first family manor. It was a quite dandy flat. It had green carpet and … Continue reading

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I shouldn’t post this

But I find it funny.  If I offend anyone,  well  you should not watch Chinese TV then. Chinese commercial

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Car Wreck. Ack!

Went out to lunch today like we do most days.  After wards,  we needed to go buy electrical supplies.  My coworker Bill was driving.  As we pull into Home Depot’s lot,  I tell Bill to watch for a semi-truck cutting … Continue reading

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