Capital Plaza Tower – No More

The Capital Plaza Tower *was* the tallest building in the state capital.  It was by far.  28 floors.  It was 338 feet tall.  The next highest is the Capital building at 210 feet.  well over 100 feet shorter.  But it has a dome and is only 3 floors really.  After that is the State Office Office building at 179 feet and 13 floors.  I don’t expect it to be long for this world given its age and design.  So the next building are around 10 floors.

It also was the 12 tallest building in Kentucky.  So with its passing, Kincaid Tower in Lexington is now number 12.

The tower was close to 50 years old and poorly maintained.  Bits of it were falling off,  so it it must go.  And I got pictures and video.



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