10 Years in the Making. I finially got to see Robert Earle Keen

Well it took 10 years but I finally got to see Robert Earle Keen in concert.  About 10 years ago, mariser wanted to go see Robert Earle Keen at Lynagh's. She had heard it was a bit of a dump and she wanted to check it out.  So we pull into the parking lot near campus and get out at which point we are accosted by a rent-a-cop who says we can't park there.  We explain we just want to see the place before buying tickets.  He's unyielding since there is no show that afternoon.  It gets ugly and I move the car and park on the street out front instead.  I go in to the bar (adjacent to the club and owned by the same) complain and I get to meet John Broderick Lynagh.  After a bit of a discussion and i telling him I don't appreciate his security guard ,  it is determined that he appreciates his security guard and he doesn't appreciate my business.  So I basically I was asked to leave.  Yep the ONLY bar I have been thrown out was one in which I was totally sober.  Didn't even have a drink.

But Robert Earle Keen came to town last weekend and it was not at Lynagh's as they had closed the club.  It was at the Lexington Opera House instead.  A very fine venue.

And got to hear a very fine version of The Road Goes on Forever and the Party Never Ends was played.

02-The Road Goes On Forever
Robert Earl Keen, Jr.

 It was at least 20 minutes and even had a banjo solo by Danny Barnes

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1 Response to 10 Years in the Making. I finially got to see Robert Earle Keen

  1. mariser says:

    'twas a very good show. I have the playlist 'round here somewhere, I'll post it later.

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